Training articles

Training articles:

Anyone starting to train a /new dog or to join a dog training club should do well to visit the following 10 articles that can be found in the alphabetical list on this website.

  1. Basic training rules are what every dog owner should know before training starts.
  2. Basic Obedience training teaches the difference between Obedience training and Behavior training.
  3. Voice control and not leash control is what dog training is about and how to use the “No” command. The importance of tone of voice and the trust of your dog.
  4. Positive training using food is a most rudimentary part of dog training. Food can be used to strengthen any behavior we want to teach.
  5. Heeling is a position and the command means “Hold that position.” It should be the most wonderful place in the world to be. Next to my master.
  6. Commands are words that all end in rewards – food or voice.
  7. Recall: Come when called is often very difficult because of handler mistakes. A reliable recall can save a dog’s life.
  8. Bonding: A dog that is strongly bonded to its handler will happily accede to his commands even if he wants to do something else.
  9. Handling & Gentling puppies Living with and loving a dog that you cannot touch is as silly as living with a person you cannot hug or love.
  10.  Canine Good Citizen Bronze test is an international award that all good dog clubs around the world offer. It is proof that your dog is well behaved and calm in any situation.