Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Name: Vanoben Bosunski          Tattoo: HC292

KUSA: Registration No. BJ012154

DOB: 20/07/1992       Died: 04/12/2004   12y 5 1/2m

He was one of a litter of 11 puppies born to my dogs:

Bosun: Simaxdal Drogo and Thandi: Orinoco

He was the spit image of Boson his father and chosen by my son Colin who started his training. However, due to the fact that he was a student at university, time for training was limited so I took over responsibility for his training.

Coyote was a dog trainer’s dream, one in a million! He bonded closely with me from the start and above all, enjoyed going to trials.

His record in the obedience ring I believe is second to none.

Over a period of 11 Months he progressed from Beginners to Class C as is recorded on his Blue card and signed by all the judges.

23/07/95         96%    Beginners Class

19/08/95         97%     Novice Class

11/11/95         90.1%     Class A

01/05/96         94%     Class B

01/06/96         93.8%  Class C

Our interest at the time was concentrated on obedience competition with the result that Coyote was not often entered in the breed ring. He did however score Best of Breed as a Novice and in Open competition. He also received his Canine Good Citizen Certificate.

In his senior years Coyote often helped to collect funds for TEARS (The Emma Animal Rescue Society).

Jan Meyer