How to break up a dog fight

HOW TO BREAK UP A DOG FIGHT (Without getting hurt)

Dog-dog aggression is awful to witness, but it is the way dogs settle their disputes, dominance and whatever.
We do not know why a group of nicely socialised dogs that sees and work next to each other week after week will suddenly go for each other on an occasion. When dogs do not like each other that is the way they behave. It is also not correct to think that females fight less than males. In fact, female on female aggression is possibly more common than we would like to admit. Males and females seldom fight.

Dogfights are very dangerous and you should not try to break it up on your own!
You have a very good chance of being savaged by even your own dog when you rush in and try to pull them apart. I have seen this happen a few times. When dogs are in “fight drive” they do not usually react to verbal commands. Shouting at them is useless and if you grab them by the neck, they may think it is the enemy doing it to them and will bite the hand or leg that touches them. A dog in that state is unaware of what it is doing and to whom.

If you do not want to get hurt, at least two people are needed to break up a dogfight.
Each person grabs and picks up the hind legs of a dog and starts pulling them apart wheelbarrow style. Once they have been separated, it is important not to put them down because they will attempt to continue the fight. To prevent this from happening, continue to move away from the other dog and slowly start swinging the dog in a circle. While both back legs are still in the air the dog has to stay on his front legs in order to prevent his chin from hitting the ground. One dog is now dragged in this way to another safe enclosure, the house or garage etc. before being freed. If this is not done, they will be trying to fight again. My dog once scaled a two metre high wall in order to get to his brother who was visiting.
When you are on your own, as has happened to me on at least two occasions, even if you are able to forcibly separate them by pulling the collars, you do not have the strength to keep two large dogs apart for very long without help. And when you think help has arrived, they are often too scared to assist you.

If alone and the dogs are locked in a fight, and you do not have anyone to assist you and you obviously do not want to get bitten, take your longest line or any piece of rope and securely attach it around the waist of one of the dogs. Now drag both dogs to the nearest pole or tree and fasten the rope. Once one dog is anchored, you can walk round and grab the hind legs of the other dog, lift them up and pull the dogs apart. Remember to continue to move backwards and in a circle. Drag the dog into a secure place before releasing it. Only then go and free the other dog still tied to the tree.

Methods such as squirting water from a hose down the throats of fighting dogs are not very effective when used on large breed dogs engaged in a serious fight. A dog’s skin is much stronger than that of a human. It is lose around the neck area and has a thick coat of hair for further protection.
Always be on the alert for a possible fight situation developing. Make sure your dog has a well-fitting collar or choke chain as well as a strong enough lead in good condition.
Be alert for a possible fight by looking at his body posture of your dog (See Aggressive Dogs). The moment the dog stares at another dog say, “Don’t think about it!” and move him away or let him concentrate his attention on you.