My dog

What I can learn from my dog

Some Days I could Use More of This!

  • Innocence:  Dogs are innocent, like small children.  Even when they make mistakes, they are never made with spite in mind.  I miss the innocence of childhood!
  • Vulnerability:  Dogs are vulnerable; they need us and are happy to rely on us humans for their needs.  We all need help sometimes, even though it is hard to admit.
  • Kindness:  Our dogs are always kind no matter what mood we are in.  How often are we short tempered?
  • Gracious:  My dog never asks me for a new, better dog toy, he is happy with whatever I give him!  We should be thankful for what we have!
  • Forgiving:  It doesn’t matter if you just trimmed a nail a little too close or met your dog with a harsh word; he will always forgive you and meet you with a soft kiss and a happy tail wag.  I definitely need to be more forgiving. 
  • Happiness: No matter what is going on in your life, your dog is probably always happy!  I, some days, wish I was as happy as my dog!

Oh to be as Happy and Full of Energy and Play as These Dogs!

  • Trusting:  No matter what you do to him, he will always trust you.  Wouldn’t it be nice to trust in the goodness of most people, instead of the opposite?
  • Humility:  My dog never brags, even when he should!  Humility is a great quality.
  • Teachable:  He is always willing to learn, it never matters how late at night, or how early in the morning or if I change my mind, my dogs are always anxious to learn and do something new!  They love change!  I wish I was as anxious and happy to learn and change!