CGC Test 13/11/2021

Bronze Winners

  • Frankie Gibbons and Beebee, Richard Weingartner and Shiela, Jan Meyer (Trainer)
  • Mari Ellis (Evaluator) Maureen Mortimer and Sascha, Stephanie Workman and Rex,
  • Jennifer Seggie and Ella.

Photo 2 Bronze Winners. From Lto R

Brenda Scott and Pepe, Jan Meyer (Trainer) Charles Dominion and Mr Pickle, Mari Ellis (Evaluator) Samantha Beukes and Princess Katchina, Queen Qjana and Hope

SILVER Winners 13/11/2021

Below from L to R

Vaune Elliot and Pepper, Roland Croxford and Huey, Angela Tiltman and Zena (Deaf dog), Bernard Madden and Shikra, Angelica Munoz Cordoba and Suyan, Jan Meyer (trainer) Ms Jane Hughes (Evaluator), Samantha Beukes and Hope, Charies Dominion and Peppercorn, Brenda Scott with Shadow.


Gold winners

Rose Eedes and Lilo, Kathy Bova and Lilly , Russel Olsen (absent) and Maui, Ms Ellis (Evaluator)

SILVER winners

Jeremy Byren and Franklin, Ms Jane Hughs (Judge), Richard Weingaertner and Lucky

Bronze winners

Maureen and Miela, Lindy and Sindie, Julie and Didi, Angela and Zorro, Schalk and Benson, Jan and Memphis, Ms Jane Hughs (Judge), Brenda and Shadow, Lise and Zilya, Ann and Enja

Canine Good Citizens 16-12-19


Jeff and Juluka, Patsy Muller (Evaluator) Estelle and Kalliope, Carmen and Max, Peter and Joker, Calvin and Savannah, Adele and Harley-Quinn, Colleen and Raka, Thomas and Bobby. Front: Nick & Kirsty with Odin.

Canine Good Citizen Tests 2020

  • CGC BRONZE Test 19June 2021
  • Bernard Madden and Shikra, Roland Croxford and Huey, Charles Dominion and Peppercorn, Angelica Munoz-Cordoba and Suyan, Jan Meyer and Ms Jane Hughes
  • Megan Black and Pepper and Tony and Shereen Rogers sitting.
  • CGC GOLD Test 19June 2020
  • Julie & Rob Pilkington and Didi, Ms Jane Hughes (Evaluator)
  • Jan Meyer and Memphis, Angela Tiltman and Zorro