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False Bay College
Flase Bay College Sports Field
  • Venue: False Bay College, Fish Hoek Campus. Kommetjie Road, Entrance in 7th Avenue
  • Classes: Saturdays 08:15, 09:00 and 10:00 Thursdays by arrangement
  • Club fees: R150.00 pm

 For dogs 10 weeks and older. Group classes meet Saturdays at 08:15, 09:00 and 10:00 and Thursdays  for puppies and for adult dogs as arranged.

  • 08:15 Classes are for pups and untrained adult dogs
  • 09:00 Classes for basic obedience and Canine Good Citizen Test (Bronze)
  • 10:00 Class for Canine Good Citizen (Silver and Gold) as well as more advanced obedience training. You will learn about correct equipment and how to use it with your dog. You will learn effective management skills and basic handling technique including Clicker Training. All dogs are prepared to do the Canine Good Citizen Test.


Group classes as arranged on Thursdays are for those members who cannot attend Saturdays. Protection training for large breed pups up to one year old as arranged. Private lessons are available at your home or at arranged training grounds. One-month free lessons for dogs obtained from a rescue facility such as “TEARS.”


Dog training is aimed at preventing and solving the following:
  1. Temperament Problems (aggression – snapping, snarling, fear of people, fear of dogs, fighting with dogs, hyperactivity etc.) with Socialisation.
  2. Behaviour Problems: ( house soiling, barking, digging, chasing cats, chewing and  jumping-up etc.) with Behaviour Modification advice and exercises.
  3. Obedience Problems (not complying with instructions – running away and not coming when called, pulling on-leash etc.) with functional obedience training.


Basic Obedience Commands to be mastered by all dogs for effective communication between owner and dog, include the meaning and compliance of:

  • Sit – Stay, Down – Stay, Heel, Come, No

  Basic Concepts to be mastered by the handler to help the dog to become a pet to be proud of.

  •  How to become your pet’s leader.
  •  How to praise the correct way. How and when to correct your dog.
  •  How to be consistent with your pet. The importance of timing.

Visitors and guests are welcome to attend. Family and friends may attend classes with you. However, visitors must remain quietly on the sidelines, out of the way of training. All children are to be under the control and supervision of an adult not handling the dog to be trained.


Club fees to be placed in an envelope with your name and dog’s name, date, amount. Please ensure that you clean up after your dog.


Jan Meyer
Dog Trainer/Instructor
Dog Owner Counsellor
10 Churchill Avenue
Seaforth, SIMON’S TOWN, 7975
  021-786-1165 or 083-243-8484


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