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Kennel Association Show                  Constantia                  2010-12-05

The following club members are congralulated on excellent results: 

Obedience Competition

A Level Class:

Gamble and Roland Croxford 2nd

 Lara and Liz Werth 3rd

Novice Class:

Danny and Lindy Croxford 3rd 

Special Beginners Class:

Logan and Jane Terril 1st 

Canine Good Citizen Test (100% pass rate)

 1.  Thor           Mark vd Sandt

2.  Lola            Pier Rush

3.  Rosie         Janet Slabber

4.  Manzi         Robin Hartley

5.  Ben               Charles Dominion

6.  Newton      Ryno Swart

7.  Taka          Tinka Shapiro

8.  Honey        Gustao de Freitas

9.  Cohen        Chris Vena

10. Leila          Thozama Gola

11. Annuq       Thomas Tom

12. Shadow     Siyanda Twani

13. Rocky       Simone Vivi

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