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Doggy Dream or Nasty Nightmare?

“A most important quality in a pet dog is his temperament. A dog with a good temperament can be a dream to live with, but a dog with a tricky temperament is a perpetual nightmare. Moreover, regardless of breed or breeding, a dog’s temperament, especially his feelings toward people and other dogs, is primarily the result of his level of socialization during puppyhood — the most important time in a dog’s life. Do not waste this golden opportunity. Solid gold temperaments are forged during this period.”
Dr Ian Dunbar


Puppy Classes (10 weeks of age onwards)


The most important reasons for puppy classes are; in order:

  1. Teaching bite inhibition during play sessions with other puppies while socialising. A dog with good bite inhibition will cause little or no damage when provoked to bite.
  2. Teaching puppies to enjoy being handled by people and feel safe and comfortable with men and children. A dog that loves people is highly unlikely to bite. One that does not like many people barks and growls frequently and is likely to lunge and bite with deep punctures.
  3. Teaching puppies to respond quickly and willingly to voice commands even when distracted. This is to stop unwanted behaviour before it starts and to protect the dog from danger. E.g. It must stop mouthing, looking at the cat or chicken, go out of the gate etc. when requested and to calm the dog before the behaviour gets out of hand.

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