Separating dogs in a fight 2

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Separating dogs in a fight
There is no such thing as a nice dog fight. They are all horrible even if little damage was done. Worse is that someone may get bitten trying to stop the fight. Shouting, screaming, kicking, water spraying etc. usually has little positive effect, in fact it can make matters worse. Owners are often bitten by their own dog because grabbing the dog’s neck is to him an attack and he does not look to see who it is.

Adding to my previous suggestions, the following may be useful when attempting to stop a fight:
1. Approach one dog from behind.
2. Grab that dog’s collar with both hands at the back of the neck.
3. At the same time straddle the dog’s hind quarters with your legs – one on each side of the dog.
4. Pinch your knees together to control the movements of the dog.
5. Pulling upwards on the collar, lift the dog’s head as high as you can and hold it there until he lets go.
6. If he does not let go and you are getting tired, let go one hand and choke the dog with a punch or pressure on the throat.
7. Hold the separated dog until help arrives or the enemy is out of sight and it is safe to let go.
Take your dog for obedience training and learn how to avoid dog fights.

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