Puppy Cuddles

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kissPuppy Cuddles
Puppies are the most adorable creatures ever, right? That’s why you could not stop cuddling your new puppy. You petted him, stroked and kissed his warm little body. You just had to pick him up, hug him close to you and you rubbed your nose in his fur before putting him down. I just love how puppies smell when you press your face close to their bodies.
Puppies are little fun creatures and they enjoy the cuddling and attention they get from you just as much as you love them. That is why they bond with their owners and in turn learn to adore the ones who showed them so much affection. Put a puppy down and walk away and it will come running after you. You can hug, kiss and touch your puppy everywhere any of the time.
During a puppy’s lifetime it comes into contact with its veterinarian, groomer, trainer, visitors, pet sitters and all who will have a role to play in caring for your precious puppy that is growing fast and will not know these people. It is your job then to get puppy comfortable early on to accept human touch and also from strangers at times.
Desensitising a puppy as early as possible prepares him for a lifetime of low-stress handling.
Lips and Mouth
When you are having fun stroking puppy’s head you can also investigate the lips and the inside of his mouth. By putting a finger in his mouth and gently rubbing the gums you can also feel around inside the mouth. You will help to desensitise him for visits to the Vet because that is where the investigation usually starts.
Once puppy is comfortable with the mouth being opened and touched it is ready for you to start brushing his teeth at home.
Although young puppies typically have no ear problems it may come much later. When puppy is much older his Vet or groomer will inevitably need to clean his ears. It is thus a good idea to investigate the inside of his ears while cuddling him. Open an ear, have a quick look and close it before another hug. If he gets comfortable having his ears touched as a puppy, he won’t be frightened by it later in life, I know of GSD clubs where a fine of $10 is levied if your puppy’s ears are dirty.
Eyes and Muzzle
Puppies need to have their eyes cleaned regularly by running your fingers close to the eyes while petting him. The trick is to do it in a very gentle way as part of normal puppy petting and cuddling.
Paws and Toes
It is not very long before a puppy needs the first of many nail trims he will endure throughout his life. If not handled properly it will always be a stressful exercise that most dogs never get used to.
To get a puppy used to nail trims you need to touch and massage each paw, and each individual toe. Give each one a gentle pull or tug to get used to the feeling and pressure that comes with having nails clipped.
Next take one toe, touch it with your nail trimmer, treat and play. Later you can do the same with another toe. This will have the effect of showing puppy that there is nothing to fear when the nails are being touched.
Puppies also need to be desensitised to grooming tools. In the Canine Good Citizen Bronze test dogs must show that they can accept to be groomed by a stranger. One requirement is that the front of the paws must also be brushed. It is amazing to observe how many dogs dislike this and clearly are not regularly groomed all over their bodies.
There are puppies that have very sensitive skins and do not like the brushing sensation against their skin. For them you may need to first “brush” them with the back of the brush before using very light strokes.
During malting season regular combing is required and some dogs must also be desensitised especially if they have long thick hair.
The Veterinarian and Breed judge will be touching the back end of your dog so it is a good idea to get him accustomed to be touched there. Run your hands over his back, hips and the area under the tail. The breed judge may also check the length of the tail so the occasional light pull can be done,
The idea is to be able to touch all areas of the puppy’s body without making him nervous.
Light neck pinching while puppy is sitting can be done because that is where the veterinarian will inject and draw blood from your doggie.

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