MAN’S Best Friend

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MAN’s Best Friend


31 700 Number of years Fido has been keeping man company.

78% of men currently own a pet.

3% never owned a pet

30% of men share a bed with their dog.

2 Number of canine Titanic survivors.

72% of men say they will risk their lives to save their pets.

73% think their furry pals would do the same.

15% the number who will put their pet’s health before their own if money was tight.

20% of men have used their pet to pick up women.

24% found their pet more affectionate than their partners.

46% the number of guys whose love life was interrupted by their dog.

30% of dogs are chubby.

10% of a dog’s kilojoules intake can come from treats. No more.

165 the number of words the average dog can understand.

1 in 6 the number of men who keep a picture of their pet on their desk at work.

1 in 10 who have been told they look like their dog.

300 minutes According to a Canadian study is the average time dog walkers walk in a week.

168 minutes the average time those without dogs walk in a week.

1 in 13 say a romantic relationship soured over a pet.

12 months the average time a man waits before replacing a dead pet.

59% of men want their dog if they got divorced.

Tiger the Exotic pet the average guy wants to own.

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