Emergency stop

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Emergency stop
What would you do if your dog was about to run into a busy street?
All dog owners should be able to stop their dog at a distance in an emergency situation because it can save its life someday.
Over many years as a dog trainer I twice had to make use of such an emergency call.
Once, while looking for a missing cat I noticed that Coyote had gone across the road. As I called him back I noticed a car come speeding in our direction. A quick “Platz” had Coyote drop on the spot and once the car had passed he safely joined me. On another occasion, while we were playing with puppy, Polo on the sidewalk, Quanto had ventured across the road to check on some smells. As he started his return to us a car approached at speed and I again was able to stop him instantly and so avoid a bad situation. Read the rest of this entry »

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