Basic Obedience Training

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Basic Obedience Training
All dog training is based on motivation either positive or negative. This may take the form of food reward or withholding food, added pressure or pressure relief etc.
The dog must be an active participant in training and must understand the consequence of what he is doing. Show him what you WANT him to do and let him KNOW instantly, exactly what he has done right by marking and rewarding that behaviour. You cannot tell your dog to “Stand” when he has no idea what you are talking about.
Obedience Training teaches a dog to DO something like sit, stay, lie down, stand, fetch, watch/look, come when called and many other tricks.
Behaviour Training teaches him NOT to do things like jumping up, chewing, digging, barking, ignoring a call to come, chasing the cat or cars etc.
Both Obedience and Behavioural training form part of successful dog training intervention. Read the rest of this entry »

2018 CGC tests

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Congratulations to all the Sun Valley Dog Training club members on achieving a 100% pass rate in the tests that were conducted in Fish Hoek for the first time.

Canine Good Citizen Tests 18 August 2018
False Bay College Fish Hoek 10:00
1. Lilly Shar-Pei Katarina Bova
2. Franklin Cross Breed Jeremy Byren
3. Snow Collie L Alexander
4. Rosie Poodle Jos McMinn
5. Jack Border Collie L Montaqu-Fryer
6. Lucky Aussie/Collie X Richard Weingaertner
7. Stuart Little X Breed TEARS Luke Kruyt
1. Emma Chow –Staffie David Nagle
2. Lilo Carver Rose Eedes
3. Lilly Shar-Pei Katarina Bova
4. Maui Shar-Pei Russel Olsen
5. Arya Airedale Luisa Wintour
1. Misty Mixed Breed Bob Hulsman
2. Tovy Husky X Lab Shereen Pearson
3. Cher GSD Chris Barratt

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