Body Language

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Body Language
Dogs don’t use words to speak to us but use their bodies instead to show how they feel or what they are about to do. It can be quite revealing at the club to observe the dogs as they arrive with their owners in tow who are usually quite oblivious of their own dog’s intentions. Some puppies want to play, others want to attack and some are more interested in smells on the ground. Yet their owners want them to say “Hi” to the other dogs even if the dog’s body language warns against it. They cannot tell the difference between a happy, friendly dog and a shy or scared dog or the body language of an aggressive one. Read the rest of this entry »

Before Getting a Dog

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10 Important Topics to Discuss Before Getting a Dog


To raise a well-trained dog, you need a great plan. The best ones include communicating with everyone in your family about the basic expectations you have of your dog, the goals you hope to achieve, and the strategies you’re ready to use to get there. In short, you need to talk honestly and openly about what to expect from your dog and how you are going to train them – all BEFORE you get your dog.

Having a dog is a lifetime commitment. That’s why it is important to understand what’s really involved with having one before you make that choice. Take a few minutes to consider what you want from your new dog and how you are going to introduce the dog in your home. Read the rest of this entry »


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“Playtime provides perhaps the perfect opportunity to combine fun with learning: there is no greater pleasure.” Jan Fennel. The Dog Listener.

Play PoloCan you ever resist your dog meeting you in the morning with a “toy” in the mouth and that begging expression on the face? This is how Polo often meets me and tells me she wants to play and she wants it “now.” During puppyhood my dogs start their day playing with a ball or a tug before feeding. So, in a way I am to blame for creating the love for play in my dogs. I invite my dogs to play with me and they invite me back.

All dogs learn to become dogs through play with their littermates and later with some others at puppy school. We see games of strength: Tug-of-War, Rough-and-tumble etc. Possession: Bury the bone, steal the ball, hide the hoof etc. Chase: Running away with the ball or stick. Come and get it etc. Killing: Shake the rag, stick, slipper etc. All these games help prepare dogs to establish pack dominance as well as developing hunting and killing skills. When they win an object it becomes a trophy that is carried to its kennel or bed. We think it is fun to see them pounce and hear them growl while playing and shaking toys yet for some breeds we need to be more aware about who initiates games and who is allowed to win. It could determine his position in the human pack with problems to follow. Read the rest of this entry »

MAN’S Best Friend

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MAN’s Best Friend


31 700 Number of years Fido has been keeping man company.

78% of men currently own a pet.

3% never owned a pet

30% of men share a bed with their dog.

2 Number of canine Titanic survivors.

72% of men say they will risk their lives to save their pets.

73% think their furry pals would do the same.

15% the number who will put their pet’s health before their own if money was tight.

20% of men have used their pet to pick up women.

24% found their pet more affectionate than their partners.

46% the number of guys whose love life was interrupted by their dog.

30% of dogs are chubby.

10% of a dog’s kilojoules intake can come from treats. No more.

165 the number of words the average dog can understand.

1 in 6 the number of men who keep a picture of their pet on their desk at work.

1 in 10 who have been told they look like their dog.

300 minutes According to a Canadian study is the average time dog walkers walk in a week.

168 minutes the average time those without dogs walk in a week.

1 in 13 say a romantic relationship soured over a pet.

12 months the average time a man waits before replacing a dead pet.

59% of men want their dog if they got divorced.

Tiger the Exotic pet the average guy wants to own.

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