Send Away – Training

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Send Away – Training

“Go” “Away” “Go out” “Voraus”

Goal: The dog must run away from the handler as fast as it can and in a straight line until the command to lie down (or Sit) is given. The dog must immediately respond and hold that position until the handler gives another command. It is a competition exercise in Obedience Class B and C, in working trials and in IPO/ Schutzhund. Read the rest of this entry »

Companion Dog

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Schedule and Description of Exercises

Maximum marks                                100

Minimum qualifying marks              80

Group 1 – Control             Group marks 65        Minimum qualifying marks 46 Read the rest of this entry »

How Puppies Develop

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How Puppies Develop


Puppies are born about two months after conception – 58 to 63 days on average – and are quite helpless little beings that do not look much like a dog. Because the gestation period is so short, many of their critical organs, including the brain, are not fully formed and need more time to develop. That is why puppies are born functionally blind (their eyelids are tightly closed) and deaf (their ear canals are closed). Read the rest of this entry »

Dog Bites

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Dog Bites

Annually, about four and a half million people are bitten by dogs in the U.S. and between 10 and 20 of those are fatal. Most are children who are bitten by their own dogs and more than half are bitten in the face. Without warning a dog may change from friendly to aggressive. Fortunately, according to research, 82% require no medical attention. However, legal action is often taken when a bite has occurred so we need to look at some of the legal concepts that apply. Read the rest of this entry »

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