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For the average pet dog heeling is not an important exercise to learn. Yet, one often can find a pet dog out on a walk

being shouted at to “heel” while the owner repeatedly applies sharp tugs on the leash to get the dog to walk next to him.

Heeling is a position with the dog sitting or walking on the left side of the handler. To “Heel” simply means, to “hold that position.”

It is an attention exercise used in mainly two instances:

1) When in traffic, or crossing an

intersection, and you want your dog to pay attention and stay close to you. This is when you will want your dog to, “Heel.”

2) In obedience trails or competitions, when you want to show the judge that you have created absolute attention and

obedience in the required exercises to be performed, you “heel” your dog. Read the rest of this entry »

Club News

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Cape Town Kennel Club              Kuils River   10 August 2014


Beginners Class:         Luna    Theo Potgieter  1st    95.5%             Qualified

Novice Class:              Luna    Theo Potgieter   1st


KA Show Wynberg Military Camp 13/07/2014
The following club members are congratulated on their results:

Canine Good Citizen GOLD test
1. Rex Boxer Theo Potgieter
2. Bobby Wirehaired Terrier Anne McLeod

Canine Good Citizen BRONZE test
1. Mia Yorkshire Terrier Paige Killian
2. Kenzie GSD Leanne Corin
3. Pax Labrador Garth Lewis
4. Charlie Labradoodle Dave Reid

Obedience: Special beginners
1. Jinx Labradoodle Dave Reid First


Caylee (Jane Terrill) recorded the following results:

* Best Cocker Spaniel junior

* Reserve Best of Breed

* Best junior in Gundog group

* Second Best junior in Show

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