The Stay Exercises

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You can’t ask your dog for behaviour before you have given the dog the behaviour.” Cesar Milan

The Stay Exercises

The stay exercises in obedience competition necessitates the teaching of three different stay positions as well as the commands, “Sit “ , “Down” and “Stand.”

What the rule book says:

All competing dogs in a class perform each exercise together. Handlers will stand with their dogs in the Heel position until commanded to, “Sit –, down –, or Stand your dogs.” Upon an order from the Judge/Steward the handlers will leave their dogs without further command and will return as and when directed until they are in the place where they left their dogs. They will not command or signal to their dogs or touch them or move against them until the exercise has ended. Read the rest of this entry »

Retrieve: Compulsive Method

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Retrieve: Compulsive Method
The Retrieve exercise, in obedience competitions, requires a dog to “retrieve promptly” at different levels. Firstly an own article chosen by the handler, then a dumbbell and finally any article a judge may decide upon provided it is not glass, food or dangerous to the dog.

The dog must not play with the article or chew on it. He must bring it back to the handler when told to do so, sit straight at arm’s length in front of him, hold the article until ordered to release it and then, when told, return to the heel position.

From the above it is clear that retrieve is not simply a matter of chasing an object and bringing it back. Unless the retrieve is very carefully planned and controlled from the beginning, few dogs end up as reliable retrievers and most have to be forced or compelled to do so. Read the rest of this entry »

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