Treats And Toys in Training

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Treats and Toys in Training

2015-04-13 08.43.22Most handlers begin to use food as a reward in training their puppies when they join a club. The reason why treats are used is because it is such an effective method. We do not have to teach a puppy to eat and the puppy easily connects the offer of food to the preceding action like coming when called. It has been said that food to dog is like money is to humans and as a result it is silly not to make use of it when you start training your dog.
Food is also very useful when we want to capture a position such as the “Sit.” By moving a treat over a dog’s nose and eyes we can easily get the pup to sit down without actually touching or pushing the dog. The moment the pup reaches a sitting position we introduce the word “Sit” and at the same time the handler immediately feeds him. Now is also the time for praising and petting. Read the rest of this entry »

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