Biting the Leash

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Biting the Leash

One often sees a new dog at the club with what looks like a fairly new and expensive leash that has been damaged by teeth marks. This already puts the relationship between owner and dog on the wrong footing. Puppies in particular, with their
teething problems are culprits here and may be injured when the handler jerks on the leash to get the pup to let go or stop biting.

My advice is always to make your first puppy leash out of a light piece of rope, followed by an old leash for training. Save the better or new ones for shows and visits. All my pups start sleeping in a cardboard box and get an old, worn-out leash
for training.  Once dogs have developed good habits they deserve special privileges and can be trusted with a nice

Leashes must never be left with or attached to an unsupervised dog. Read the rest of this entry »

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