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Congrats to the following club members on a 100%  pass

Sun Valley Dog Training 28th July 2012

Canine Good Citizen Test GOLD Marian Ott   evaluator

Dog                 Owner                            Breed                        Silver No

1.  Gamble      Roland Croxford       Labradoodle        000157

2.  Danny        Lindy Croxford           Standard Poodle   000160

3.  Honey        Lindy Croxford           Collie Cross          000151

4.  Shenzi        Lindy Croxford           SA Terrier             00158

5.  Electra       Fiona Barnardo          Staffie Cross          000156

6.  Manzi         Robin Hartley       Border Collie               000167

7.  Megan       Anne McLeod       Golden Retriever         000168

8.  Logan         Jane Terrill            Cocker Spaniel           000137

9.  Quanto      Jan Meyer                   GSD                             000161

10. Diego        Tim Cooper          Bordercollie Cross        000232

11. Lara           Liz Werth                    Rottweiler                  000165

12. Newton    Ryno Swart          Border Collie                   000135

KA Show         15th July 2012

Canine Good Citizen Silver Test

  1. Shani     Liz Worth

Canine Good Citizen BRONZE Test

1.  Ben           Andre Jooste       Staffordshire terrier

2.  Jinx           Dave Reid            Labradoodle

3.  Nancy      I Gliddon               Border collie X

4.  Polo         Jan Meyer                   GSD

Breed- Working:

Puppy class

1.  Polo         Jan Meyer       Best puppy /Reserve Best of Breed

Hyper Overactive Dogs

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Hyper Overactive dogs

Hyperactive dogs are dogs that seem to be in a perpetual state of excitement. They have poor attention span, can be aggressive towards other dogs and have high levels of motor activity usually associated with excessive “panting”. They are virtually in constant motion, bark a lot jumping around and over-reacting to the slightest distraction

Their owners struggle to control their behaviour and often miss-interpret the condition as pent-up energy that needs to be released. They then start a strenuous exercise routine as a solution to calm the dog down. All they do is to create super fit dogs with breathtaking energy levels. The only time they are quiet is when asleep. Read the rest of this entry »

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