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What the rule book says

The handler will stand at a place indicated by the Judge/Steward. When ready, the judge will order him to leave his dog.  The handler will then command the dog to stay in a “Sit” or “Down” position and will move from the dog as directed. When the handler has reached the place required by the judge he will, on the order of the judge, command the dog to come to him.

In the Beginners and Novice Classes, the order to recall the dog will only be given when the handler is stationary and facing the dog.

In Class “A” the order to recall the dog to Heel may be given at any time after the handler has left the dog and while the handler is moving in any direction except towards the dog. The handler will continue moving until ordered to halt.

The recall exercise can be found in some form or other in every class from Special Beginners to Class “C.” It is obvious then that a correct, fast Recall forms an important part of competition obedience and should be perfected before teaching Retrieve and Scent exercises. Read the rest of this entry »

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