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While in the human world it is regarded as a terrible canine character flaw, the reality is that fighting is acceptable and even normal in the dog world. All dogs fight to some extent. This is how they settle things and defend themselves from a threat that they cannot escape. They have no idea that such behaviour is not allowed in their new “pack” and are completely unaware of how traumatic it can be for their owners. Read the rest of this entry »

Bite Inhibition

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Bite Inhibition

“Without a doubt, teaching bite inhibition is the single most important item on the educational agenda of any pup.” Dr Ian Dunbar.

Puppies don’t have thumbs, they cannot hold things, they only have a mouth for this purpose and so biting is normal, natural, and necessary puppy behaviour. Play-biting is the way in which puppies learn to control the strength of their bites. Puppies that do not mouth or learn bite inhibition are more likely to cause serious damage as adults when they playfully interact with the family, visitors or other dogs.

A dog that has developed bite inhibition my get involved in many dog fights but none of his opponents will be bleeding or need veterinary help.

Teaching bite inhibition is a double process: Firstly, to inhibit the force of the bite and secondly, to reduce the frequency of puppy mouthing. Ideally these two should be taught at the same time. Read the rest of this entry »


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 Fireworks are usually associated with spectacular displays or fun activities. Although it may be enjoyed by family and friends it can be a nightmare for our much-loved animals. We need to think of their safety as we would the safety of a small child.

Some dogs don’t seem to care about gunfire or fireworks. Others express mild distress and always want to be close to humans for comfort. Still, many poor soals are absolutely terrified of big bangs. Cats seem to disappear when fireworks can be heard.

Symptoms of fear in dogs include restlessnesss, pacing up and down, following humans, panting, trembling, barking, trying to escape and salavating. Read the rest of this entry »

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