Care and Resposibility (GOLD)

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The object is to test the knowledge of the handler on the subject of his responsibility and care of his Canine companion. When the Evaluator is questioning the handler from the KUSA Code of Ethics or the Care and Responsibility document, the questions should not be phrased in an ambiguous manner and, where necessary Evaluators should rephrase the question in an attempt to bring out the correct answer from the handler.
Note: Only one numbered item may constitute a question.

Gold Test
The handler should be able to give six out of ten correct answers.

CARE AND RESPONSIBILITY Read the rest of this entry »

The Stand

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The Stand

The average dog has little difficulty in learning the sit and down commands but can easily become confused with an order to stand. This is particularly true if the Stand is not introduced at a fairly young age. Because the Stand is taught from the sit, it should only be introduced when a puppy is happy and confident in the sit and down. Read the rest of this entry »

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