My Dog Does It Perfectly At Home

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My dog does it perfectly at home.”

A remark many owners pass at the club when their dogs refuse to retrieve, come when called or break a stay.

Most dogs can tell the difference between the ringing of a doorbell on television and the one at home. When a dog barks on TV he ignores it, but when one barks down the road he charges to the gate and starts barking. This tells us that the dog is able to discriminate
between the different barking dogs.

That same dog may sit or go down perfectly at home, but at the club or at a different location fails to obey the same commands equally well, because he has not yet been able to generalise the commands and movements he obeyed so well at home. He does not see the commands at different places meaning exactly the same thing. This becomes worse with distractions when he can act real silly. The
dog does not see that the training at the club is the same as that done at home. Read the rest of this entry »

When Attacked by a Dog

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What to Do When Attacked By a Dog

Recently, while walking with my dog, Juno, I suddenly became aware of two dogs charging in our direction, teeth bared, hair up on their backs and clearly ready to attack.Juno charged forward when she saw the dogs coming. Luckily I had her on the lead and held her back.

Trying to restrain a big dog on the attack and stopping two others coming at you, is no easy matter. Fortunately I was able to whip out my pepper spray and sent the two packing, quickly ending what could have been quite a nasty encounter.

This is especially true when dogs form a pack in attacking. In fact, each year, we read of several people who die of dog bites and many more are permanently disfigured as a result of serious dog attacks.

This set me thinking about what to do when attacked by a dog if you are alone and do not have anything for protection. Read the rest of this entry »

Teaching Your Dog to Swim

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Teaching Your Dog to Swim

Teaching your dog to swim is a great idea, not only for its enjoyment and exercise but also for safety. Just like people, pets can drown in the sea, lakes and pools. When playing near a pool it can accidently get knocked into the water or become tired quickly while swimming.

Not all dogs can swim and some are afraid of water so great care must be taken to carefully introduce a dog to the water and  be very sure he knows how to get out when he has had enough.  Most dogs cannot climb out the side of a pool or make use of a ladder.

Among the dogs that swim naturally and gladly are water spaniels, setters, retrievers, akitas and poodles amongst others. Other breeds are not as water-friendly and have to be taught to swim, in some cases with great difficulty. Heavy dogs with short legs are not built for swimming. Having a short or no tail makes it more difficult to stay afloat. Read the rest of this entry »

Timing a Correction

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In dog training a correction is aimed at telling the dog to…” Stop doing what you are doing.It can take the form of a verbal reprimand, “Watch, No, Uh etc.” or it can be a quick “pop” on the leash.

Timing is the moment when the correction is given. It is the present moment during training when the dog is making a mistake and needs to be corrected.

To clarify this concept we need to explain what is meant by present moment. Read the rest of this entry »

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