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In many countries of Europe the law requires that when pet owners walk their dogs in public their dogs must be fitted with a
muzzle. They are not “bad dogs” but ordinary dogs and are trained to wear muzzles with complete acceptance much as they would a collar and leash. This is to protect the general public from a provoked or unprovoked attack by a dog.

All dogs have the potential to bite irrespective of their temperament. Some will bite when handled by a stranger and some when
their territory has been invaded. A muzzle can also be a life saver if a dog has a serious injury and in pain and needs to be treated by a vet. Such a dog cannot be handled without biting the handlers. Read the rest of this entry »

Dogs Escaping from the Yard

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Dogs Escaping from the Yard

We may not know the reason why a dog wants to escape from the yard where he is kept because he will never tell. What we do
know is that he is able to do it. Some are real escape artists and are of great concern to owners from whom I get calls for help.

Every time a dog escapes he is rewarded for doing so because of interesting smells, cats or birds to chase, bitches in season or
other dogs to play with while out. It is also very dangerous and many dogs get lost, stolen or killed in the streets after their escape from home.

When a dog has been able to escape 2 or 3 times from a property it is already a habit that has been formed and bad habits are
often hard to break. Prevention is better than cure and after the very first escape it must receive serious attention to prevent a second attempt and a behaviour problem. Read the rest of this entry »

Bitches in Season

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“In season” or “in heat” or “oestrus” are terms used to indicate that a fertile bitch can become pregnant if she is mated
by a male dog.

Inexperienced first time owners of bitch puppies are often ignorant of what is happening to their little girl when she is in season and what to do when this happens. If the owners are caught by surprise an unwanted pregnancy may occur because it can sometimes be difficult to recognize the first season. If you are not sure keep her away from male dogs and ask your vet. Read the rest of this entry »

When Baby comes Home

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