Walk, Walkies, Heeling

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WALK, WALKIES, HEELING There is often much confusion about the concept and difference in training for these activities.

Dog owners know that their dogs need exercise and usually maintain a fairly set routine of taking them for walks. This often turns out to not be enjoyable for both because it becomes a struggle to control the dog or worse, the dogs become aggressive and start barking and lunging at people and dogs.  Some owners get dragged along the route; dread the thought of meeting another dog or walking past the gate where other dogs are barking. Others expect the dog to “heel” when they are supposed to be relaxed and enjoy the outing.

I make a difference between Walk, Walkies and Heeling the dog.  Read the rest of this entry »


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DIGGING: How to stop your dog from digging holes in your garden.

Digging is a very natural, instinctive and enjoyable activity for dogs. They dig to bury a bone, to escape, to find a cool or warm spot depending on the season or because it is in their genes. A whelping bitch, for example, will dig her own den to protect her pups if she does not have a better, more secluded area.

The ancestors of the modern domestic dog had to dig for survival. They dug to store and find food and to create shelter for themselves and their pups. Later, some breeds such as the terriers were bred to hunt underground prey such as moles, foxes and badgers. Digging is in their blood and if they are bored, digging keeps them busy. Read the rest of this entry »

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