2018 CGC tests

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Congratulations to all the Sun Valley Dog Training club members on achieving a 100% pass rate in the tests that were conducted in Fish Hoek for the first time.

Canine Good Citizen Tests 18 August 2018
False Bay College Fish Hoek 10:00
1. Lilly Shar-Pei Katarina Bova
2. Franklin Cross Breed Jeremy Byren
3. Snow Collie L Alexander
4. Rosie Poodle Jos McMinn
5. Jack Border Collie L Montaqu-Fryer
6. Lucky Aussie/Collie X Richard Weingaertner
7. Stuart Little X Breed TEARS Luke Kruyt
1. Emma Chow –Staffie David Nagle
2. Lilo Carver Rose Eedes
3. Lilly Shar-Pei Katarina Bova
4. Maui Shar-Pei Russel Olsen
5. Arya Airedale Luisa Wintour
1. Misty Mixed Breed Bob Hulsman
2. Tovy Husky X Lab Shereen Pearson
3. Cher GSD Chris Barratt

Dog Movies 2

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Buck Brannaman is a well known expert “Horse Whisperer” whose methods contain many similarities of horse, child and dog training.

He teaches people to communicate with their horses through leadership and sensitivity, not punishment.

A must view for serious dog lovers and dog trainers.
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Most popular dogs in USA

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Most popular dogs in the US
Top 20 for the last 5 years

Breed Rank                2017   2016   2015   2014   2013

Retrievers (Labrador)     1         1         1          1         1
German Shepherd Dogs 2         2       2          2          2
Retrievers (Golden)        3         3       3          3          3
French Bulldogs             4         6       6         9          11
Bulldogs                         5         4        4        4          5
Beagles                          6         5         5        5          4
Poodles                          7         7        8        7          8
Rottweilers                     8         8        9       10         9
Yorkshire Terriers          9          9        7         6        6
Pointers (German Sh)   10       11       11       12     13
Boxers                           11        10       10       8         7
Siberian Huskies           12       12       12       13       14
Dachshunds                   13       13        13       11       10
Great Danes                   14       14        15       15       16
Pembroke Welsh Corgi   15       18       20       22      24
Doberman Pinschers      16        15        14       14      12
Australian Shepherds     17        16        17       18      20
Miniature Schnauzers    18        17        16       16       17
King Charles Spaniels    19       19        18       19       18
Shih Tzu                          20       20       19        17       15

Club News

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Congratulations to the successful entrants who ensured a 100% pass rate for our club.

K A SHOW Wynberg Military Camp 09-07-2017
Canine Good Citizen Tests
1. Lexi Ridge Back Cross Betty Pelissier

1. Mnandi Husky Mix Paul Kristafor
2. Polar Anatolian Kristina Kopfer
3. Tartufo Mix Breed Guy Shepherd
4. Khaleesi GSD Denise Faria
5. Cher GSD Chris Barratt

Dog Movies

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Movies for Dog Lovers
1. Eight Below
2. Hachi
3. Dean Spanley
4. Marley & Me
5. Old Yeller
6. Homeward Bound
7. Red Dog
8. The Rise of Black Wolf
9. The Call of the Wild
10. Bonbon
11. Greyfriers Bobby
12. Omar
13. Rin Tin Tin
14. A Dog’s Purpose
15. A Dog’s Journey
16. Turner and Hooch
17. All the Lassie movies
18. Big Red
19. The Ugly Dashound
20. A Dog’s Life
21. Air Bud

Dear Dog Owner

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Dear Dog Owner,

This chain letter is meant to bring relief and happiness to you. Unlike most chain letters it does not cost money. Simply send a copy of this letter to six other dog owners who are dissatisfied with the way their dogs are working, then bundle up your own dog and send him to the dog owner at the top of the list, and add your name to the bottom of the list. In one week you will receive 16,436 dogs and one of them should be a cracker.

Have faith in this letter. One dog owner broke the chain…
And got his own dog back!!!

Happy dogging.

G Smith
41 Wavell Avenue
Seaforth 7975

W J Sherry
77 Alcante Avenue
Table View 7441

R D Hunter
26 Upington Street
Plumstead 7700

A S Child
27 Richmond Road
Mowbray 7700

S J Blaau
55 5th Avenue

J C Esterhuizen
Main Road

German Shepherds

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Why We Love German Shepherds 
Quanto 060• Written by: PetPlace Staff
It’s not easy to earn worldwide respect and admiration, yet one canine breed has accomplished just that.
Renowned for intelligence, physical prowess, and functionality, the German shepherd has developed into one of the most popular breeds across the globe. This fact comes as little surprise to most German shepherd owners, who’ve witnessed this breed embody some of the most desirable traits any human or dog can offer, including loyalty and heroism.
The German shepherd first achieved international prominence following World War I, when soldiers returned home raving about the intelligence this breed displayed while serving as military messengers and rescue dogs. Since then, this breed has been both purposeful and beloved while occupying roles ranging from police and military service to household protection and devoted companionship.
Here are six reasons we adore German shepherds: Read the rest of this entry »

MAN’S Best Friend

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MAN’s Best Friend


31 700 Number of years Fido has been keeping man company.

78% of men currently own a pet.

3% never owned a pet

30% of men share a bed with their dog.

2 Number of canine Titanic survivors.

72% of men say they will risk their lives to save their pets.

73% think their furry pals would do the same.

15% the number who will put their pet’s health before their own if money was tight.

20% of men have used their pet to pick up women.

24% found their pet more affectionate than their partners.

46% the number of guys whose love life was interrupted by their dog.

30% of dogs are chubby.

10% of a dog’s kilojoules intake can come from treats. No more.

165 the number of words the average dog can understand.

1 in 6 the number of men who keep a picture of their pet on their desk at work.

1 in 10 who have been told they look like their dog.

300 minutes According to a Canadian study is the average time dog walkers walk in a week.

168 minutes the average time those without dogs walk in a week.

1 in 13 say a romantic relationship soured over a pet.

12 months the average time a man waits before replacing a dead pet.

59% of men want their dog if they got divorced.

Tiger the Exotic pet the average guy wants to own.

Club News

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Cape Town Kennel Club              Kuils River   10 August 2014


Beginners Class:         Luna    Theo Potgieter  1st    95.5%             Qualified

Novice Class:              Luna    Theo Potgieter   1st


KA Show Wynberg Military Camp 13/07/2014
The following club members are congratulated on their results:

Canine Good Citizen GOLD test
1. Rex Boxer Theo Potgieter
2. Bobby Wirehaired Terrier Anne McLeod

Canine Good Citizen BRONZE test
1. Mia Yorkshire Terrier Paige Killian
2. Kenzie GSD Leanne Corin
3. Pax Labrador Garth Lewis
4. Charlie Labradoodle Dave Reid

Obedience: Special beginners
1. Jinx Labradoodle Dave Reid First


Caylee (Jane Terrill) recorded the following results:

* Best Cocker Spaniel junior

* Reserve Best of Breed

* Best junior in Gundog group

* Second Best junior in Show

Club News

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Venue: Sun Valley Dog Training

1stAugust 2013.  Classes will be held at the same venue until further notice.

The size of the grounds is reduced and parking will be available behind the Electrical Sub-station. Classes will commence at the usual times.

Kindly pass this information to other club members who may not be aware of the change.

KA Show         14/07/2013                 Constantia   False Bay Rugby Club

Congrats to the following club members on achieving a 100% pass rate.

Canine Good Citizen Test:     GOLD

1 Jinx   Dave Reid       Labradoodle

Canine Good Citizen Test:     SILVER

1 Coccolato    Bev Thompson   Pom

2 Bobby          Ann McLeod   Wirehaired Terrier

Canine Good Citizen Test:   BRONZE

1 Bobby          Ann McLeod  Wirehaired Terrier

2 Rex               Theo Potgieter           Boxer

3 Luna             Lillian Potgieter         Mixed Breed

4 Quinton       Zoë Barnado              Boston Terrier



A Trained Dog is a Good Dog

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Author Jan Meyer announces the release of ‘A Trained Dog is a Good Dog’
“A Trained Dog is a Good Dog” introduces readers to many of the issues they will face as dog owners, offering them helpful guidance to help them teach their dogs to live comfortably with people and to be friendly and well-mannered pets. The methods in his book are an eclectic collection of various techniques drawn from other training methods which he has studied over the years. He offers readers tools to discover what methods work best for them and their pets.
“A Trained Dog is a Good Dog” is available from jan@gooddog.co.za and at bookstores and can be ordered from the publisher (Trafford Publishing) www.trafford.com and is also available from: www.amazon.com

Club news

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Congrats to the following club members on a 100%  pass

Sun Valley Dog Training 28th July 2012

Canine Good Citizen Test GOLD Marian Ott   evaluator

Dog                 Owner                            Breed                        Silver No

1.  Gamble      Roland Croxford       Labradoodle        000157

2.  Danny        Lindy Croxford           Standard Poodle   000160

3.  Honey        Lindy Croxford           Collie Cross          000151

4.  Shenzi        Lindy Croxford           SA Terrier             00158

5.  Electra       Fiona Barnardo          Staffie Cross          000156

6.  Manzi         Robin Hartley       Border Collie               000167

7.  Megan       Anne McLeod       Golden Retriever         000168

8.  Logan         Jane Terrill            Cocker Spaniel           000137

9.  Quanto      Jan Meyer                   GSD                             000161

10. Diego        Tim Cooper          Bordercollie Cross        000232

11. Lara           Liz Werth                    Rottweiler                  000165

12. Newton    Ryno Swart          Border Collie                   000135

KA Show         15th July 2012

Canine Good Citizen Silver Test

  1. Shani     Liz Worth

Canine Good Citizen BRONZE Test

1.  Ben           Andre Jooste       Staffordshire terrier

2.  Jinx           Dave Reid            Labradoodle

3.  Nancy      I Gliddon               Border collie X

4.  Polo         Jan Meyer                   GSD

Breed- Working:

Puppy class

1.  Polo         Jan Meyer       Best puppy /Reserve Best of Breed

Club News

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GOODDOG website wins award
Top Website


The Sun Valley Dog Training Club will be opening on Saturday 14th January 2012.
All Welcome!

Club News

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KA Show Constantia 3/4 December 2011 
  We congratulate the following Club memmbers on their successes:

Canine Good Citizen Bronze Test

1. Spud  – Charlotte Young

2. Hooch – Colleen Marsh

3. Maya – Marlene Louis

4. Max – Gary Louis

5. Loki – Toby Mills

6. Mac – Julie Padmore

7. Oliver – Mary Koster

8. Caru – Richard Firth

9. Molly – Leon Visser

Canine Good Citizen Silver Test

1. Diego – Petra Cooper

Obedience Class A

2nd Lara – Liz Werth

 Special Beginners Class

1st  Taka Tinka Shapiro

3rd  Tess Hilary Hardwicke

4th  Manzi Jill Hartley

6th  George Ziggi Lassen

Breed: Working Dogs

Polo – Jan Meyer “Best Baby Puppy in Breed” & “Reserve Best of Breed.”

Club news

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Kennel Association Show                  Constantia                  2010-12-05

The following club members are congralulated on excellent results: 

Obedience Competition

A Level Class:

Gamble and Roland Croxford 2nd

 Lara and Liz Werth 3rd

Novice Class:

Danny and Lindy Croxford 3rd 

Special Beginners Class:

Logan and Jane Terril 1st 

Canine Good Citizen Test (100% pass rate)

 1.  Thor           Mark vd Sandt

2.  Lola            Pier Rush

3.  Rosie         Janet Slabber

4.  Manzi         Robin Hartley

5.  Ben               Charles Dominion

6.  Newton      Ryno Swart

7.  Taka          Tinka Shapiro

8.  Honey        Gustao de Freitas

9.  Cohen        Chris Vena

10. Leila          Thozama Gola

11. Annuq       Thomas Tom

12. Shadow     Siyanda Twani

13. Rocky       Simone Vivi

Club News

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Wishing you and your family a peaceful and safe festive season

and a prosperous new year.


Club News

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