Quanto of Gleneagle

Sex: Dog          Date of Birth: 26/01/2005     Tattoo Number: CA3496       Colour: Black-Tan

Sire: “Zinzan” Von Der Weidenstrasse                    Dam: “Fricka” of Gleneagle

SA Registration Number: SA035325/05                               GSD Federation of SA

Breeder: Mr & Mrs A & Ms J Glenn                          Q- Litter: 8 Puppies


After the death of “Coyote” in 2004 I could not think of ever replacing my special friend and companion with whom I had such a great relationship and so many successes.

However, towards the end of that year, and with the encouragement of Phyllis, my wife, I started doing the rounds visiting GSD litters around the city. We saw many beautiful puppies but I could not form a bond with any and usually arrived home disappointed.

A friend suggested I have a look at some puppies in the Stellenbosch area. After making contact with the owner I arrived at the farm as arranged. What struck me was a beautiful GSD bitch outside the farm building playing with a ball and she showed no aggression towards us. The kitchen door opened and a lovely puppy came running out. That’s what I liked, a puppy that knows the sounds of pots and pans.  There were three puppies and only “Quanto” was still available. Since we were going overseas and I did not have time to make a final assessment, I asked the owners, if I paid a deposit of R 1000, would they keep him till our return.

At the end of our holiday, as we landed in Cape Town, I remembered that I had still to see that puppy and hoped that the owners had not sold him while we were away. Two days later we again went to the farm and “Quanto” came running out to meet us. That clinched the deal in my mind. The owner, who became a great friend, told us that the pup’s father was called “Zinzan” and that he was South African champion twice and “Fricka” was the mother living with them.

Both parents had similar qualifications: AD BH SchH3, A+ hips and registered with the GSD Federation of SA. Since both parents also passed a breed survey meant that Quanto received a “Pink” pedigree to emphasize that his parents conformed to additional requirements. His grandparents were also highly pedigreed, had no allergies and had lived till 12 years of age.

Quanto now was 9 weeks old, the perfect age to leave home. He was vaccinated and dewormed and the breeder had included a free 4 week training gift voucher for the Durbanville GSD club in Bellville. Although it is quite far from where we lived, I indicated that I would train and show him. They were happy to part with him on those conditions.  I paid another R1500. Not only was he beautiful but        a bargain as well. 22nd March 2005 is a day to remember.

When we left for home, Quanto soon fell asleep on Phyllis’ lap. After 40 minutes he woke up and we stopped next to a long beach to allow him to relieve himself and romp in the sea sand.


Making use of our free training voucher we arrived on “photo day” at the Durbanville German Shepherd Dog club and joined about 40 GSD’s. We entered the Puppy class. Quanto was quite at home with so many dogs. We enjoyed the obedience and show training and made fairly rapid progress in the club.

On 25/09/05 we were promoted to Class 1 and on 19/11/05 we entered the SchH Class. The BH Certificate was awarded to us on 15/10/2006.

Breed surveys require of GSD dogs/puppies to have their hips X-rayed and be DNA proven. We were not keen to have our young puppy put under completely in order to get a reliable Hip reading. After some search we found a Vet who could do it with minimum sedation and also send a blood sample to the Federation. We were pleased with his A+ reading.

At age 2 he passed the 20km endurance test. The course is carried out in 3 sections. He ran free next to me while I was on a bike. Dogs run 8 km followed by a rest and a vet check. (Heart rate, temp and paw test) Then a 6 km followed by a rest and vet check and finally 6kms and a rest and vet check. I struggled to keep up with him in the uphill sections.


What follows is a fairly accurate list of events and tests that Quanto had entered.

Quanto of Gleneagle :

AD, BH, SchH/IPO 2, ITT 3, V CD. CGC t Gold Breed Champion

2005/07/10 Non- Championship KA show – Baby puppy- Judged “Best of Breed”

2005/08/07 Non-Championship CT Kennel Club – Junior puppy “Reserve Best of Breed”

2005/11/13 CT German Shepherd Club Breed show – junior puppy – 3rd

2005/12/03 Canine Good Citizen Test – Bronze Award passed.

2005/12/03 KA Non-Championship show – “Reserve Best of Breed”

2006/03/04 KA Championship show – Challenge Certificate*. (1) Judge: Mr. KM Hull (CT)

2006/03/05 Liesbeek Championship Show – “Reserve Best of Breed” 2006/04/09 GSD Federation grading “Very Good” (SG) placed 3rd

2006/04/17 GSD Federation CT Club 3rd Class 6

2006/04/30 GSD Federation CT Grading “Good (G) 1st place

2006/07/16 GSD Federation Goodwood Grading “Good” (G)

2006/08/13 CT Non-Championship Show “Reserve Best of Breed”

2006/07/10 2006/08/20 Liesbeek Kennel Club Obedience Novice Class 3rd

GSD Breed Assessment Champion Show Classified “Very Good”

2006/12/02 KA Show Obedience Novice Class: 1st  

2007/03/02 Championship Show KA Challenge Cert,(2) Judge Mr. D Ramahlo (Philippines)

2007/03/03 Championship show KA  “Reserve Best of Breed” and Novice Class 2nd

2007/04/01 GSD Dog Club Western Cape Novice Class 1st Trophy

2007/01/01 GSD Federation CT Club Breed Show Grading Certificate “Excellent” (V)

2007/05/19 Western Province Boxer Club Obedience Class A  2nd Qualified 91%

2007/07/15 KA Non-Championship Show Obedience Class B 3rd

2007/07/15 KA Non-Championship Show “Best of Breed”

2007/07/15 GSD Breed Show Grading “Excellent” (V) Trophy

2007/08/05 Durbanville German Shepherds Grading “Excellent” (V)

2007/08/19 Liesbeek Kennel Club  “Best of Breed”  Obedience Class B 3rd

2007/09/09 GSD Championship Show Obedience Class B 92%

2007/10/20 Breede Rivier Kennel Club “Best of Breed”  Cert (3) Judge Ms Egerton (Canada)

2007/10/20 Good Hope GSD Show Grading Certificate “Excellent”(V)

2007/10/26 WP Rottweiler Club IPO/ Schutzhund/BWT 2nd

2007/11/11 “Dog Sense KUSA Championship Show” 3rd

2007/12/01 KA Non-Championship Show Reserve Best of Breed Obedience Class B 2nd

2008/02/16 Cape Handlers Dog Club – Companion Dog Trails 3rd Class B 3rd

2008/03/01 KA Championship Show. Challenge Cert.(4) Judge R Ryrie (Gauteng)

2008/03/02 Liesbeek Kennel Club Challenge Cert. (5)“B of B” Judge M Heystek (Gauteng)

2008/03/27 KUSA award Quanto “BREED CHAMPION” KUSA also awarded the Glen family with a Breeder’s Diploma as breeders of Champion dog: Quanto of Gleneagle.

2008/05/10-11 Dobermann Club IPO/Schutzhund 

2008/05/11  Working and Herding Breeds of Cape Reserve Best of Breed

2008/05/17-18 Durbanville GSD Dog Club 2nd Schutzhund 1 Trophy

2008/08/17 Durbanville Schutzhund Trial  SchH1 First Trophy

2008/08/27 Cape Handlers Dog Club Companion** Dog 1st 91%

2008/07/20  KUSA award – Working Trials “CD” CHAMPION

2008/10/23-24 WP Rottweiler Club IPO/ Schutzhund/BWT 2nd

2008/12/07 KA Non-Championship Show – Reserve Best of Breed

2009/04/26-27 Durbanville Schutzhund Trial SchuH 2 – 1st Trophy

2009/07/19 Annual Breed Show Grading “Excellent” (V) Table Bay trophy

2009/07/05 GSD Western Cape -Working Trials CD 2nd

2009/07/17 Dobermann Club of the Cape ITT 3 Tracking 1st

2009/11/14-15 WP Rottweiler Club IPO/ Schutzhund 3

Quanto started having difficulty going over the “Wall” (6ft high) and after he had fallen backwards twice I decided to withdraw him from serious competition requiring scaling equipment. His medical diagnosis revealed a back injury which the specialist said was possibly due to a “congenital spinal” defect. We did not want him to have an operation.

2011/07/10 Canine Good Citizen Test – Silver Level

2011/07/18 Cape Rottweiler Club Championship Show Working Trails 1st

2012/ 07/28 Canine Good Citizen Test -Gold Level

“Blessing of the Animals” Annually Quanto and I represented TEARS (The Emma Animal Rescue Society) at the Ceremony in the CT gardens when the CT Anglican Bishop blessed the animals.

We had planned to go away on holiday in December of 2016 and arranged for a house sitter to look after the animals while we were away. Unfortunately, a late cancellation meant that the dogs had to go into kennels and needed kennel cough certificates. A week before our departure, Quanto started coughing. After an examination it was thought that he had contracted another version of kennel cough and should be better by the Friday before our flight on the Saturday. The kennel arranged for him to be put into their quarantine facility. However, on the Wednesday he awoke us coughing and was in great distress. I immediately rushed him to a dog specialist hospital only to hear that his heart was damaged and the prognosis for recovery was almost nil.

I phoned Phyllis and told her the bad news. She was very upset but advised I make the final decision. The hospital gave me a private room where I could spend time with Quanto and shed many tears while contemplating what to do. We could cancel our flights but he had little time left so I finally had to say goodbye to our very, never to be forgotten, son of Zinzan and Frica, father of Woolf and Liberty and many other puppies. He was weeks short of his 11th birthday.


*On a CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE the judge signs his name under the following:

I am clearly of the opinion that this exhibit is of such outstanding merit as to be worthy of qualifying for the title of Champion.”

Dogs require 5 Challenge certificates from 5 different judges and only 1 can be from its home base.

** A Qualifying Certificate is awarded for a score of 90% or more and stated that Quanto’s performance was of such outstanding merit to be worthy of the title Champion.