Companion dog


Schedule and Description of Exercises

Maximum marks                                100

Minimum qualifying marks              80

Group 1 – Control                 Group marks 65         Minimum qualifying marks 46

Heel on Lead, 10 marks

The dog will heel naturally on leash moving at normal, fast and slow paces, around obstacles and people. The exercise, held in the open, will include left, right and about turns and halts.

Heel Free, 10 marks

The exercise as Heel on Lead, except the dog will be off the lead.

Recall to Handler, 10 marks

Dog in the “Sit” or “Down” position and is recalled from a distance of approximately 20 m.

Send Away, 15 marks

Handler will send the dog to an object 20 m away and when there commanded to stop in the “Sit,” ”Stand” or “Down” position. This is followed by a recall to the handler.

Retrieve a Dumbbell, 10 marks

Exercise is the same as in Beginners Class. The dumbbell should be visible to the dog.

Down Stay – 10 minutes, 10 marks

Dogs will be tested for steadiness while a helper will move amongst them at a steady pace once during the exercise.

Group 11 – Agility                 Group marks 20         Minimum qualifying marks 14

Scale “A” Frame, 10 marks

Before beginning the exercise the handler will tell the judge which position (“Stand,” “Sit” or “Down”) the dog will take when the far side of the “A” frame is reached. The handler can give the command of choice to the dog when the far side of the “A” frame is reached. While in that position the dog can be tested for steadiness by someone walking around the dog.

Upon orders the handler will be commanded to move as directed to within sight of the dog and then instructed to call his dog to “Heel.”

Clear Jump, 5 marks

The handler and dog moves forward at pace of choice, off lead, in “Heel.” The dog is commanded over the jump. As the command is given the handler will halt and await the judge’s order to re-join the dog.  A command to the dog to “Stay” in any position when over the jump is permitted.

Long Jump, 5 marks

This jump is done in exactlythe same manner as the clear jump.

Group 111 – Nose-work         Group marks 15         Minimum qualifying marks 11       

An area of ground 15 m X 15 m is foiled by letting the handlers and dogs walk all over it. An (1) article with the handler’s scent is placed, unseen by the handler and the dog, in the area. The handler must send his dog to retrieve the article while remaining outside the area.

Time allowed for the exercise is two (2) minutes.

Quanto’s Companion Dog mark sheet

Working Trails: Companion Dog Certificate    Quanto

Jump Dimensions:

Dogs’ height at Withers        Clear jump      Long jump      “A” Frame

Up to and including 25 cm      45 cm              1.2 m                 90 cm

Up to and including 40 cm       60 cm             1.4 m                  1.5 m